Solution Driven Technical Workwear

HAZTEC has, and always will be led by customer demand from within the Petrochemical and Associated Industries.

In August 2008, a key client gave us the challenge of producing FR Workwear that was more comfortable than products currently available on the market and was produced using Inherent FR Fabrics (where the FR properties do not wash out). They also gave HAZTEC what seemed at the time a unreasonable target delivery date of only 8 weeks.

Faced with the challenge but the prospect of an order for 350 drivers, the HAZTEC brand was born. We met the clients expectations in terms of lead time, product quality and CE compliance on the workwear, and today this company still wear our garments.

12 years later, the HAZTEC brand continues to develop, driven by constant feedback from our wearers and our ability to adapt quickly should new features or amendments be required.

With a Module D Production Quality Control system now in place, the HAZTEC brand has now expanded to cover a diverse range of protective clothing in the PPE Catagories 2 and 3, and to include ARC Flash Protective Workwear. We now consider ourselves to have the ability to be a key player in this market in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Europe.

We invite you to contact us and allow us to share with you product samples of a visit from one of our representatives to discover how HAZTEC can work for your company.

Rick Clark
HAZTEC Product Manager

Product Design Sketches